About us

About Handyparadies GmbH 


Handyparadies GmbH comes to the emerging online mail order dealers providing original and no-name cellular accessories from Apple, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, Nokia, our own brand Pure2 and consumer electronics in Germany. Since 2009, we offer our clients expertise and experience in the wholesale of mobile phone accessories. As a result, we came to know the market better than any other wholesaler from the industry. We know what products and brands our costumers preferred, and also understand, which brands are problematic due to their high error margin. Through our large orders, we can negotiate favorable purchasing prices that we are able to pass on to our customers. Current prices, extensive filtering options, detailed product descriptions and numerous customer reviews help our customers find the appropriate accessories in our Web shop, eBay, and Amazon. We participate in all major local and international trade fairs, to offer always the latest accessories - and for the best prices. 

 Customer satisfaction is important to us. 

 4.8 stars out a maximum of 5 and 17.113 reviews on Amazon.de, more than 31,000 positive reviews with power seller status on eBay.de speak for themselves. Just try us! 

 The success story of Handyparadies GmbH  

In a small apartment of Amberg, Germany, in 2006 two technophiles begin to sell mobile phone accessories on-line. What was initially still only sold through eBay, was shortly after offered through their own on-line shop and Amazon, and is now developing into a multi-channels strategy. During the last fiscal year, Handyparadies GmbH has sent 500,000 shipments and can obtain a growth of 120%. Handyparadies GmbH is a privately held company, with 17 highly-motivated people, and rising. In 2015, Handyparadies GmbH will obtain a storage area and open its first store in its own building measuring 3000 m2. The other part of the company is the G2T GmbH, which deals since 2009, with the wholesale and trade of Smartphone and Tablet Products from Apple and Samsung. 

 Both companies are situated in the beautiful city of Amberg in the Free State of Bavaria.